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room. Enjoy a Maiko nihon buyo performance (dance and pantomime) Watch the Maiko perform a tea ceremony (green tea and sweets option only) Meet and talk to Maiko Photo opportunity with Maiko Lunchtime and afternoon slots available Duration:.5 hours Traditional. Maiko Dance Show, Dinner and Transport Experience the real Kyoto with an evening of Maiko entertainment and dinner. Enjoy two hours of private entertainment with Maiko: Shamisen playing, dancing and traditional games Access to a traditional tea house, usually not open to the public All-you-can-drink top quality Sake and other drinks Luxury Kyoto style dinner in a Geisha district. Weve talked before about geisha as one of Japans distinctly female professions, so this time were going to share with you a few fun facts about the geisha and their floating world. Price: 26,000 per person, included: Kaiseki Dinner (multi-course traditional Japanese meal). Japan Awaits presents a historic dining experience with traditional performances by the geisha.


Latex - Absolut privat! Nur Du und ich.

Private Dinner: Eroottisia tekstejä geisha private

Ted pointed out the buildings and their significance as we walked the streets at dusk. Learn about these time-honoured Japanese customs from your host. Weve hand-selected the best Geisha, and Maiko dinner shows for all budgets. No surprise this unforgettable and magical experience is the most popular dinner show. Hangyoku (or also known as maiko in Kyoto) are apprentice geisha (also known as geiko in Kyoto) who are still in training. For events with less people, the company may still proceed with the event and in which only one geisha will attend. Enter the Geishas secret world for a night of pure luxury entertainment in Kyoto. There is no other dress code at this time, but please dress respectfully. Ted was also very attentive: he served as an interpreter as we spoke with the Geisha and Maiko and ensured we enjoyed ourselves. Enjoy an elegant dance and musical performance by a Maiko Speak to a Maiko and ask her questions while enjoying dinner nuru massage helsinki iskuri treffit Savour a delicious Kaiseki meal in a private restaurant Stroll through the Gion neighbourhood of Kyoto with commentary Professional English. These restaurants and tea houses are places where VIPs can go to make deals and know they are in complete privacy.

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